Managing information over the whole-of-life of a building is a difficult process. However, this process is essential if we are to plan, design, construct, operate and dispose of a building in a safe, environmentally conscious and cost-effective manner. This also applies to other infrastructure such as roads and pipes, etc.

The lifetime management of building information has been coined the ‘golden thread’. (Building Regulations Advisory Committee , 2021). A prototype Asset Information Specification (AIS) tool has been developed to assist all people along the golden thread to clearly specify their data requirements. This means building data can be:

  • Specified to the appropriate Level of Information (lOI) 
  • Delivered by the right person at the right time
  • Quality assured
  • Re-used as required.

Classification is essential for managing buildings and their component parts over their whole of life. There are many different classification systems in use. The purpose of this project use natural language processing (NLP) in an attempt to map different classification systems to one another.

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An overview of the AIS Tool cab be found here: