This page is the temporary home for information related to the 3 Waters Asset Data Standards. The Quake Centre and the National Technical Standards Committee are actively exploring options for a more permanent home for long-term management and publication of the standards. For more information contact Greg Preston:

Code of Practice for Storm Water Pipe Assets

The following Code of Practice (CoP) is an addendum to the New Zealand Asset Data Standards.

The CoP provides guidance for the collection of as-constructed data for selected conveyance assets for a stormwater network. The guidance provided is also broadly applicable to water and wastewater networks. Treatment plants and pump stations are not included as an asset class; however, assets within treatment plants and pump stations may be collected as per the CoP.

Work is underway to expand the CoP to potable and wastewater conveyance assets.

New Zealand Asset Metadata Standards

The original New Zealand Asset Metadata Standards as published by Land Information New Zealand may be found here.