Pipe Data Portal Update 14 July 21

Here is a brief update on the Pipe Data Portal Project as of 14 July 21: PipePortalUpdate_14Jul21

Developing a Proof-of-Concept National Pipe Data Portal

This report is an output from the Quake Centre’s Building Innovation Partnership programme (BIP), which is jointly funded by Industry and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). This report provides a summary of the work undertaken in support of the Building Innovation Partnership Project to develop a proof-of-concept National Pipe Data Portal.

Review of Condition Assessment Techniques for Pressure Pipes for Water

This report provides an overview of the technologies that are available for in-situ pressure water pipe condition assessment, and look to the future to provide insight into the technologies that are yet to be commercially available or are in an early stage of development.

Development of a Wellbeing Performance Framework for Asset Management Investment Analysis on Three Waters Infrastructure Networks

This Masters thesis is an initial work towards development of a three waters wellbeing performance framework and conceptual model and has and identified the potential usefulness for three waters infrastructure asset managers and owners in assessing wellbeing performance and investment decisions. 

Wellbeing Performance Framework Masters Thesis

Strategic Review of Procurement in 3 Waters

This report provides a strategic overview of 3 Waters procurement practices in New Zealand. Comparisons are made with other  jurisdictions as well as other sectors within NZ.

Investigation into the Current State of Procurement Practices in New Zealand


Technical notes

Data Federation

This technical note places a focus on the preparation and treatment of data in support of a federation process.

Data Quality

This technical note presents a short summary of the considerations for assessing the quality of infrastructure asset data which is intended for federating with other similar data sources.